Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The use of twitter as a research tool/aid

Ever since I’ve started using twitter, I've become increasing reliant and amazed at its use as a research tool. There seems to be a number of fellow scientists and research institutes/websites/publishers all using twitter. This not only makes keeping up with the latest stories, research and job information possible, but it’s become pleasurable and far from the monumental task of repeatedly checking numerous websites each day to keep up with the latest news.

Obviously it can be used to keep your friends updated with what you’ve just eaten for lunch but the research community has made something a bit more pure out of twitter.It seems we’ve built up quite a community on twitter and I’m looking forward to seeing how this type of media develops over the next few months

Here are some Twitters I recommend following

rdmpage / Roderic Page
Irradiatus / Daniel Brown
NerdyChristie / Christie
sciam / Scientific American
bengoldacre / ben goldacre
carlzimmer /carl zimmer
kejames / Karen James
evoldir / EvolDir
ResearchBlogs /

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Christie Lynn said...

Aw! I feel honored to be on that list... :)