Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Evolutionary Discussion Group Meetings Schedule

Please find below the presentation schedule for the University of Nottingham Evolution Discussion Group.

Relevant School Seminar:
Professor John Endler (University of Exeter) 4.15pm, 29th January 2009 B3 Biology
“Testing hypotheses about elaboration, innovation and speciation with Australian Bowerbirds using visual physiology principles”

Dr. Penny Haddrill, University of Edinburgh 4.00pm, 30th January 2009 B3 Biology
'The evolution of noncoding DNA in Drosophila'

Relevant School Seminar:
Dr. Sarah Reece (University of Edinburgh) 4.15pm, 5th February 2009 B3 Biology
“The private lives of malaria parasites: sophisticated strategies for survival and reproduction?”

Relevant Friday Afternoon Seminar:
Francis Gilbert 4.30pm, 6th February 2009 B129, QMC
“The waters of the Nile”

Darwin’s 200th Birthday!
Relevant School Seminar:
Dr. Richard Durbin FRS (Sanger Institute) 4.15pm, 12th February 2009 LT4, QMC
“Studying human genetic variation by whole genome sequencing”

Dr. Tom Price (University of Exeter) 4.00pm, 27th February 2009 B3 Biology
“Selfish genes and polyandry: fertility and extinction”

Relevant Friday Afternoon Seminar
Tom Reader 4.30pm, 5th March 2009 D96 QMC
Title tbc

Liz Bailes 4.00pm, 13th March 2009 LT3 QMC
“Estimating the age of the primate lentivirus radiation”

Relevant first year PhD symposium for Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution groups in the School of Biology 9.30-12.00am, 26th March B3, Biology

No meeting on 27th March 2009, due to first year presentations

John Brookfield 4.00pm, 24th April 2009 LT3, QMC
“Hidden Markov Models, Monte Carlo Markov Chains, and their roles in evolutionary biology”

Speaker tbc 4.00pm, 8th May 2009 B3 Biology

James Hale 4.00pm, 22nd May 2009 D96, QMC
The familial transmission of Helicobacter pylori; a study of intrastrain diversity
Speaker tbc 4.00pm, 5th June 2009 Location tbc

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